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Performance Air Intake Injen Cold Air Intake Polished for Chevrolet Cobalt  2.2L  Polished w/MR (05-07) SP7024P


The compact  designated Chevrolet Cobalt replaced the Chevrolet Cavalier for the 2005 model year.  The Chevy Cobalt's GM Delta platform or frame is also shared with the Chevrolet HHR and Pontiac G3.  The Chevy Cobalt can be purchased as a 2 door coupe or a 4 door sedan or as a high performance, Super Sport version.  Struts support the independent front suspension and a semi-independent torsion bar is mounted in the rear.

The Cobalt has a wheelbase of 103.3 inches and a width of 68.4 inches.   In the coupe version the Chevy Cobalt weighs in at 2,681 lb and 2,747 lb for the sedan. The cobalt has several levels of comfort, styling and performance options available.  The LS version is considered the base model with the LT coming in as the mid-level model, the LTZ represents the high end model, and the SS or Super Sport represents the high performance based supercharged model.

Injen Technology offers a superior tweak to performance induction with their line of SP series Cold Air Intakes. Cold air intake offer dramatic gains in horsepower and torque while still providing exceptional engine longevity. Each cold air intake has been dyno tested to insure maximum gains and a safe a/f ratio.All SP series cold air intake are manufactured using unique MR Technology. MR technology is the most superior technology on the market.  All SP series cold air intake are tuned. Airflow intake ratio is optimal, and it will be safe on your engine. Most intake are CARB approved. Most air intake are also available in a polished or black powder coat finish. A polished look will draw attention to your performance piece, while a black powder coat gives your engine compartment a mean stealth look. Cold air is essential for good performance.

For immediate gains in horsepower and to hear the throaty sound install this Cold Air Intake