US Speedo Gauge Overlay
US Speedo
... overlay to directly replace your factory installed instrument face plates. Color overlays are custom fit to your vehicle to ensure a perfect fit that will not affect nighttime illumination. Match your interior and exterior color scheme to your instrument face overlay. US Speedo offers a hugh se ...
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2 LC1's Plus XD-16 Gauge
Innovate Motorsports
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Vertical Lambo Door Kit
Vertical Doors
Vertical Lambo Door Kit Chevy Cobalt 05-09. Vertical Lambo Doors are for those of you who want the ultimate look for their ride. Adding a set of these will give your Cobalt the look and a feature that will get you noticed where ever you go. This kit is custom designed to fit your Cobalt, so the ...
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2 LC1's Plus DL-32 Plus XD-16
Innovate Motorsports
$999.00 $999.00
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Innovate Motorsports AuxBox
Innovate Motorsports
Innovate Motorsports 3742 LMA-3 AuxBox, Multi Sensor Device Chevy Cobalt. The AuxBox attaches to the auxiliary input of the LM-1 or it can be integrated into the MTS serial chain. The AuxBox has 5 built-in sensors. The 5 internal sensors are: Manifold Air Pressure (MAP or Boost), Cylinder Head Tem ...
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Single 52mm Gauge Pod
Auto-Tech Industries
... overlay system reduces installation time to just a few minutes. The ez-Pod leads the race in pod technology; versatility, quality, and value while maintaining attention to every detail. The exPod is centered and sits on the steering column, holding a single 52mm gauge. It sits flush and uses doub ...
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