SS Style Rear Wing
AIT Racing
AIT Racing SS Style Spoiler Chevy Cobalt 05-10. The AIT Racing Chevy Cobalt Spoiler is hand made using FRP composite fiberglass. It is gell coated and ready for paint preparation. All AIT Racing Spoilers are inspectred to ensure consistant quality.
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OE Style Painted Spoiler
California Dreams
California Drame OE Style Spoiler 05-10 Chevy Cobalt Sedan, 05-10 Chevy Cobalt Coupe. Up style the exterior appearance of your Cobalt with the addition of a California Dream quality factory style rear spoiler. It is blow-molded from ABS which provides strength, durability and long life. Another a ...
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Rear Spoiler
Up style your Cobalt with the installation of RK Sport 3 piece Rear Spoiler. R.K. of RK Sport Inc, has an extensive racing background and realizes that having the best team makes a winning program in both racing and business. In 1992 R.K. co founded Swift Cars and started developing the Swift Form ...
From: $308.76  


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