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NOTUS racing seat by AeroDesigns in Black with Black Carbon Fiber Shell for your Chevy Cobalt, AD-1001-B1 .

The AeroDesigns Notus Racing Seat allowsyou to concentrate on driving.  Installing these seats in you Cobalt will do just that for you.   This bucket seat is designed to fit you, the driver.   This racing seat has what it takes to keep you in full comfort and control during any driving condition encountered.  Quality racing seats are necessary not only for the track but the streets as well.  All AeroDesigns seats are constructed of the finest materials available.  They have reinforced brackets and encompass you in a comfortable feel which are the things you need to be one with your vehicle.  All AeroDesigns racing seats undergo rigorous testing and meet very specific standards.

This seat is the next generation AeroDesigns bucket seat that features a low seating position system with the unique feature of keeping the driver position central to the steering wheel. The bucket racing seat construction offers a high degree of seat strength and durability.  The fully reinforced frame features extensive side and shoulder bolsters for driver support, while the buckskin leather accents offer additional comfort and aesthetic value.  The low seating position systems allow the drive to sit farther in and lower in the seat.  For unmatched levels of holding ability this bucket racing seat is the seat for your Cobalt.  This bucket racing seat is available in black carbon, black kevlar carbon, black silver, red black carbon, red Kevlar carbon & silver platinum construction and come with sliders.

To further increase your level of safety the addition of a five point racing harness is recommended.

This bucket racing seat is designed for and used in professional race series such as (JGTC, TRACK, DRIFT, DRAG, STREET, ETC). has a full line of seats available for the Chevy Cobalt. where customers come first.

  • Proven reinforced side supports
  • Lower center of gravity achieved
  • Side bolsters are strengthened
  • Minimal lateral flex experienced
  • Comfort featured conforming padding
  • Comes with sliders