Performance exhaust muffler systems for the Chevy Cobalt and Cobalt SS 2005-2009.

Restrictive muffler systems produce a fair amount of back pressure and reduce noise.  Decreased engine power is a result of back pressure.  Engines need to expel air in order to perform, the ideal situation would be to run without a muffler system or with glass pack installed, however due to the high noise and pollution levels and laws prohibiting this; a conventional type of muffler system is definitely necessary on street cars, but you can change it out and stay within the law.  

For the majority of vehicles coming from the factory, OEM muffler systems are very restrictive for practical purposes.  Less restrictive type mufflers systems can be found on higher end performance type cars coming from Europe, Asia and Detroit.  Lets stick with what most of us know, the off the car lot basic Cobalt and it's restrictive muffler systems.  

Inside the muffler there are a set of tubes that are designed to create reflected waves which interfere with or cancel each other out.  Exhaust gases and sound waves are pushed out the cylinder valves into the exhausts manifold systems which disperse them to the down pipe and then through the catalytic converter systems and then into the muffler systems entering through the center tube.   Once in the center tube they bounce off the back wall and are then reflected through a hole into the main body of the muffler.  From there they pass through a set of holes into another chamber which passes them out the systems and the muffler exit.  

A resonator containing a specific volume of air is connected to the first chamber by a hole.  A resonators length is calculated to produce a wave that cancels out a certain frequency of sound.  A resonators main purpose is to produce some destructive interference against the sound waves.  They and are designed to work best in the frequency range where the engine makes the most noise, but they still produce for the less noisy time too.  

Other types of muffler systems are called glass pack or a cherry bomb.  These types of muffler systems use absorption to reduce sound.  Exhaust systems gases go straight through a pipe that is perforated with holes.  Surrounding this pipe is a layer of glass insulation that absorbs some of the pressure pulses.  A steel housing surrounds the glass installation.  The glass pack and the cherry bomb produce much less restriction, but really don't reduce the sound level as much as conventional muffler systems do.  

Now is the time to upgrade to a performance muffler systems that will allow more air to expel and create a deeper richer sound coming from your tail pipe.  Don't forget to add a performance cam and a header too your muffler systems.  Stand back and listen to the rich deep sound resonating from your muffler systems, sit in the drivers and and feel the performance rush from your muffler systems.  Performance muffler systems are the way to go. where customers come first.

  • ·      Allows More Air to Expel
  • ·      Rich and Deep Sounds Produced
  • ·      Try Glass Packs or Cherry Bombs
  • ·      Steel or Stainless Steel Housing
  • ·      Aftermarket Systems are Less Restrictive