Chevy Cobalt MimoUSA Racing Seats
Chevy Cobalt MimoUSA Racing Seats
From: $394.25
US Speedo Gauge Face Overlay Chevy Cobalt 05-10
US Speedo Gauge Face Overlay Chevy Cobalt 05-10
From: $99.99

MimoUSA Universal Black Racing Seats for the Chevy Cobalt 2005-2009 3612.

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Spark up the interior of your Chevy Cobalt with the addition with a set of MimoUSA Universal Seats.  Be the envy of the street scene while being comfortable in your Chevy Cobalt with a set of new custom seats from MimoUSA. Choose the seat color that matches your exterior paint color or your custom interior scheme. MimoUSA seats are available in Black, Red, Blue, Silver and Yellow.  

The 2005-2009 Chevy Cobalt has several levels of comfort, styling and performance options available.  The LS version is considered the base model with the LT coming in as the mid-level model, the LTZ represents the high end model, and the SS or Super Sport represents the high performance based supercharged auto.   All models come equipped with stock OEM factory installed very uncomfortable seats.

MimoUSA universals auto seats have what it takes to keep you in full comfort and continued satisfaction. Full comfort is the most essential connection between driver and auto. MimoUSA auto seats feature Micro Adjustment can be adjusted to the millimeter, Body heat transfers through the Memory Foam to the seats, the Lateral Support keeps the driver in optimum position, the Quick Tilt System allow the backrest to be returned to the upright position and Abrasion Resistance material protects against excessive wear. The seats are designed to fit up to a 38" waist and include slides for easy installation. The MimoUSA seats are universal and will fit into most vehicles.  MimoUSA seats offer; Sporty and Comfortable seats, 5 star safety rating, the seats are wrapped in real carbon fiber material, includes universal brackets, and a 2 year warranty.  The addition of these seats will set you apart from the crowd and their seats.

Black racing seats by MimoUSA are available at along with other MimoUSA performance modification parts and accessories. where customers come first.

  • MimoUSA 2 year Warranty
  • Micro adjustable to the millimeter
  • Abrasion resistant material
  • Wrapped in real carbon fiber