Performance Supercharger for the Chevy Cobalt 2005-2009.

Lets discuss an inexpesive way to increase power.  There are two induction type options available.

A great way to add power to the lackluster OEM installed engine is to add a supercharger.  A supercharger works on a simple principle that pressurizes the air intake to above atmospheric pressure.  Turbochargers also do this.  However, the supercharger goes about it in a different way.  The difference is their source of energy.  The turbocharger robs from the exhaust and the supercharger robs from the engines crankshaft either by belt or chain drive.

Superchargers pump more air into the engine; however you will need to increase the fuel going into the engine too to ensure the engine operates efficiently.  The equation used is 14 parts air to one part fuel for optimum efficiency.  Supercharge can add on average 46 percent more horsepower and 31 percent more torque..   

There are three types of supercharger.  They are the Roots, the twin screw and the centrifugal and the main difference is how they move air.  Roots and twin screw which are less efficient use meshing lobes while the more efficient centrifugal supercharger uses an impeller.   Roots superchargers are large and sit on top of the engine and stick out of the hood, which are popular with muscle car and hot rod enthusiasts.  Twin screw superchargers are more efficient than the Roots supercharger.  Twin screw superchargers sit on top of the engine and are more expensive and louder than the Roots.  Centrifugal superchargers power an impeller at high speeds that can reach 60000 rpm.  These superchargers are small and attach to the front of the engine; they are the most efficient type of supercharger and can be found on many more cars.   

In addition to creating more power superchargers do not suffer lag as the performance turbochargers does.  Performance Supercharger are driven by the crankshaft and require normal shutdown procedures.  Turbochargers require a 30 second idle time prior to shutdown in order for lubricating to cool down.   Performance Supercharger installation doesn't require extensive modification as required of a turbocharger install.   Performance Superchargers bolt to the top or side of the engine block.  Performance Turbochargers require extensive modification to the exhaust system.  

Disadvantages of installing a performance supercharger are minimal but worth mentioning.  Performance Superchargers place added strain on the engine, therefore the Cobalt engine components need to be beefed up.  Performance Superchargers are expensive to maintain and supercharger manufacturers recommend the highest octane gas available be used for optimum performance.

Despite the added cost associated with performance superchargers they are still a cost efficient way to increase the power and performance of your Cobalt for racing, towing or just adding excitement to your normal driving experience. where customers come first.

  • ·      ·      Increases power and optimizes performance
  • ·      ·      Performance supercharger requires low on maintenance
  • ·      ·      Performance supercharger are easy to install
  • ·      ·      Performance supercharger install is a great inexpensive performance enhancement