What you have to understand before installing a turbocharger on your Chevy Cobalt 2.2L, 2.4L 2005-2009.

They chevy Cobalt is a great choice for this installation.  Performance is the name of the game. Performance, performance, performance.

Your Cobalt is screaming for a perfomance upgrade.   

The main reason to install a performance turbocharger on you Cobalt is to gain more power and improve performance.  Performance Turbochargers increase the power of your Cobalt engine.  Performance Turbocharger for your cobalt are a more compact simple way to add power to your cobalt.  Another way to add power to your cobalt is to increase the number of cylinders, for obvious reasons this is not feasible.  You can increase the size of your Cobalt's pistons by boring your cylinders to accept larger one, but this requires that the engine be pulled from your cobalt and sent out to a machine shop.  This is fine if you have the no how to pull the engine from your Cobalt and the time to be without your Cobalt.  Unfortunately for most Cobalt drivers this too is not a performance option. What choices do you have increase the power of your performance cobalt.  The performance turbocharger is one performance application that is possible for your cobalt.  

They allow an engine to burn more fuel and air by packing more into the cylinders.  A typical boost is 6 to 8 pounds per square inch.  At sea level normal atmospheric pressure is 14.7 pounds per square inch.  From this formula you can see that you could get 50% more air into the engine resulting in 50% more power.  Realistically you might see a 30-40 percent improvement in added power in you Cobalt.  How is this possible.  The deficiency comes from the power it takes to turn the turbine.  Being installed in the Cobalt exhaust flow increases the restriction of the exhaust, meaning that during the exhaust stroke the engine has to push harder thus robbing a little bit of the available power from the cylinders.   

They are bolted the exhaust manifold and inserted in the exhaust.  The exhaust from the Cobalt cylinders enters the turbine and passes through the turbine blades which cause the blades to spin up to 150,000 rotations per minute.  The turbine is connected to the compressor by a shaft.  The compressor pressurizes the air generated by the turbine blades and passes it on to the cylinders.  The compressor is a centrifugal pump which draws air in from the turban and flings it out to the cylinders as it spins.  Temperatures in the turbine are high and can be lowered by installing an additional component called an intercooler or charge air cooler.  

They do not provide for immediate power boost when the gas pedal is depressed in your Cobalt.  It takes a few seconds for the turbine to get up to speed, this is called lag.  However on the upside when the turbo does get up to speed the Cobalt lunges ahead.   

Lag can be reduced by decreasing the inertia of the rotating parts.  This can be accomplished by reducing weight.  One way to reduce  weight is to reduce the size.  A smaller one will provide boost more quickly at lower speeds but may not deliver efficiently at higher speeds.  A larger one has longer lag time but provides lots of boost at higher speeds.    Overcoming this is easy.  Waste gates are available which allows the use of a smaller ones allowing for less lag time.  Another way is to use ball bearings instead of fluid bearings to support the turban shaft.  They allow the turbine shaft to spin with less friction and they also allow a slightly smaller, lighter shaft to be used.  Another way is to replace the steel blades with ceramic turbine blades which allows the turbine to spin up faster resulting in less turbo lag.

OK are you ready to increase your cobalt power and improve performance.  Then this is a performance upgrade that is right for your Cob

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  • ·      ·      Realistice Power Increase of 30 to 40 Percent
  • ·      ·      Various Sizes or Turbines Available
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