Let's talk a little bit about aerodynamic ground effect kit for your Chevy Cobalt.  The installation of ground effects or more commonly known as a car body kit on your ride serves two purposes.   A body kit adds style to your ride and it also attempts to keep your tires on the ground by creating down-force or aerodynamic grip.   

Car body kit typically consist of front and rear bumpers, side skirts and spoilers.  All these items can be purchased as single entities, thus allowing you to up performance and style your ride over a period of time if you desire.

Body kit are constructed of lightweight material that really does not add that much to your ride's overall weight.  Different material construction can determine the cost of the body kit.  Body kit can be constructed from inexpensive plastic or polyurethane, fiberglass and expensive carbon fiber.    Plastic or polyurethane is more resistant to damage and does not crack.  Plastic or polyurethane pieces will need to be replaced if damage.  Fiberglass is also resistant to a certain extent, but is easily repaired by body shops or if you know what you doing the process is easy.  Carbon fiber or course is the top of the line and the expense outweighs its weight advantage.  Plastic or polyurethane and fiberglass body kit parts can be painted to match you car's color scheme.  

 Body kit are manufactured to meet manufacturer specifications; however as with any mass produced item, a certain amount of fitting the body kit may be necessary in order to attain maximum appearance and functionality of the kit.    

An integral part of the total body kit is the rear spoiler.   The main purpose of a rear spoiler is to move air over the body by directing it up as it passes over the body.  Another purpose is to reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency.  Spoilers are constructed of fiberglass, ABS plastic, Silicon, Carbon Fiber and lightweight aluminum.  Some spoilers are double wing and adjustable and some are single wing and adjustable.  Spoiler can also be form fitted to your car's rear trunk lid which allow for a smoother flow of air.  For street cars, spoilers are really a styling choice and do very little to keep your car down.  But coupled with all the parts of a body kit a spoiler is a wise decision to add.  In addition to spoilers there are wings that are intended to generate down-force as air passes over them.  

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