Custom Interior upgrades and seats for your Chevrolet Cobalt and Cobalt 22 2005-2009.

So your thinking about putting some pizzazz in your Cobalt's passanger compartment with fresh seats. From seats to steering wheels you've come to the right online store for seats and upgrades.  We stock many items for your Cobalt's custom interior, from custom Racing seats to custom steering wheel covers.  All custom seats and items are first quality and usually be installed in a couple of hours or less by someone with average mechanical ability.

Let's start with custom racing seats.  Custom Racing seats replace your tired looking and worn out stock seats.  Custom Racing seats can be purchased in many different colors and schemes.   All custom seats come with installation instructions and some come with their own seats rails.  If your on a budget think about OEM replacement seats and maybe custom seats covers.  

Next you may want to change out your instrument gauge cluster to either a custom 6, 5 or reverse glow gauge.  Custom Glow gauges can be purchased in reverse glow pattern too.  

Next you may want to change the color of your dash with a precision cut custom dash kit.  Dash kits are custom measured and cut to your vehicles dash.  Dash kits can be ordered in different colors and patterns.

Let's move down to the shift knob which you'll want to replace with a performance inspired or as a color lit knob.    Pedals as in gas, brake and clutch can be replaced or re-faced with performance inspired pedals or they can be purchased as a color option.  

You'll have choices when you want to change your steering wheel.  Choose between race and performance designed replacement wheels or change your existing wheel with a wheel cover that is available as a two tone or as a single color.  

E-brake handles can be replaced pretty easy with an e-brake cover, again color choices are available.  

Floor mats can be ordered in colors with or without logos, or as polished aluminum.  Polished aluminum floors mats are impressive especially if you installed LCD lighting under the dash.  

For safety you'll want to install a 5 point racing harness and an easy to reach fire extinguisher.  

You've heard about and seen what uv rays can do to your fabric, in order to control this you'll need to install window tint to your side and rear windows.  

The only thing that is left is the carpet with can be changed out as well.  

You'll notice that most items have a color choice so you can keep the scheme going.  Be the envy of the street start your upgrades now.

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