Shock absorber act as a dampening source that control unwanted spring movement.  Think of it this way, your car has a coil spring at each corner.  You need a way to control them because without control your ride will be very unpleasant, lots of ups and downs.   Shock absorber slow down and reduce spring travel.   When you encounter a bump in the road for instance that causes the coiling or uncoiling of the spring the shock absorber absorbs the energy of the spring through the upper mount and passes it down through the piston rod and into the piston.  The piston is filled with oil and as the rod moves up and down small amounts of oil are passed under great pressure.   This slows down the piston which slows down the spring.   

In the compression cycle the piston move downward to compress the oil below the piston.  In the extension cycle the piston moves back to the top of the pressure tube compressing the oil above the piston.   

Shock absorber are velocity sensitive, meaning the faster the suspension moves, the more resistance the shock absorber provides.  Road conditions are constantly being adjusted to control unwanted motion.  This includes bounce, sway, brake dive and acceleration squat.      

Bottom line you need a good shock absorber.  You will find that in the Sport Series.

Just added a set of lowering springs. Well why not purchase the ultimate in ride control.   

The Sport shock absorber works best with all lowering springs.  Yes these yellow shock absorber are adjustable.  You can dial it in for the ideal ride quality for the situation at hand.  The front shock absorber is externally adjustable with a turn of a knob, a technique borrowed from Formula 1 Racing.  You will be able to switch back and forth in most cases in a matter of seconds, from comfortable touring to a more firm setting for a sporty drive.  Turn the knob clockwise for a softer ride and counter clockwise for a firmer ride.  This shock absorber focuses on exceptional road handling combined with various levels of comfort and 5 levels of adjust ability using an external knob.  

Koni 8640-1500SportFront Shock Absorber Chevrolet Cobalt 05-09.

Koni 8040-1364SportRear Shock Absorber Chevrolet Cobalt 05-09.

  • Adjustable Shock
  • Improve Handling Improvement
  • Control Bounce, Sway, Brake Dive, Acceleration Squat
  • Lifetime Warranty