Performance tuning for the Chevy Cobalt 2005-2009.

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Performance tuning is tuning an engine for maximum performance.  Complete performance tuning cars can be found on the tracks and rally courses and in drifting world wide.  Performance tuning your ride for the street or show is also possible and is expensive.  Let's briefly discuss tuning without to much detail what can be done to increase your ride's performance level.   Please note that many of my recommendations require professional machine shop services and experience mechanics to complete.  The main purpose of performance tuning is to increase power, bottom line.  Here are a few ways to accomplish tuning.  You can pick and choose the tuning or you can do all of them, it's your choice.  I do not advocate using anyone of them for normal street drivers.  With that said lets briefly discuss how to maximize the performance of your Chevy Cobalt for the track, rally courses or drifting.   

You can increase the engine displacement by "Boring" which increases the diameter of the cylinders and pistons and/or by "Stroking" which uses a crankshaft with greater throw.  You can upgrade the fuel injectors to create a more controllable air/fuel mixture to burn.  You can have the size of the inlet valves increased and then coupled with smaller exhaust valves.  You can use larger bored, smoother, less contorted intake and exhaust manifolds.  Enlarge the ports in the cylinder head, this is called head porting.  Use a larger diameter exhaust pipe.  Changing to a different profiled camshaft optimizes valve timing.  Increase the compression ratio by installing larger compression height pistons, or install a thinner head gasket or mil or shave the cylinder head.  Force induction by adding a turbocharger or supercharger.  Use higher octane fuel.  Add an oxidizer like nitrous oxide.  Machine moving parts to lower tolerances than would be acceptable for production to reduce losses do to friction.  Replace the steel connecting rods, pistons and flywheel with parts made from alloy to reduce weight.  Change to firmware in the engine management system (EMS).   

These are only recommendations and I don't advocate using them for street drivers.  Nor am I responsible for any damage that may be caused if you adopt any of them.  Before you embark on a performance tuning package check your state and local laws for legality. has a good supply of camshaft, pistons, valves, connecting rods and much more that will aid in the performance tuning of your Chevy Cobalt. where customers come first.

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