Trick out your interior with Performance Racing Seats for the Chevy Cobalt 2005-2009.

There are four front seat choices when you are ready to change the interior of your Cobalt which I'll explain here,  and there is only one choice if you want a performance racing seat.   

The first and the least expensive choice is the front seat cover.  A cover is just that, you physically pull it over your existing front seats. but this doesn't give you the racing feel.  Materials and colors are options that you will have to make, weather you color match with you existing interior colors or change color combinations this is still the easiest and least expensive option to undertake.  This options doesn't give you the racing feel

The second option is to have your worn and tired out front seats re-upholstered and again no racing feel.  Again, material and color choices would have to be made.  This could be a very expensive option since you have to pay for labor and the material.  Cost can be contained by choosing less expensive type materials but you still have a high labor cost.  If you can do the re-upholster yourself, you can purchase the material pretty in-expensively.  This is time consuming and requires skill in pattern cutting and sewing.   If you don't have the necessary skills to cut and sew then you can purchase a kit that contains all the pieces put together, all you would have to do is remove the old material and stretch the pieces of the prefabricated kit over the frame.  Note: you might have to change the worn out padding or just add a little extra here and there for a more comfortable feel.   

The third option is to replace your tired and worn out front seats with original equipment replacement seats and again no racing seat feel.  Just remove your old worn out or tired looking front seats and replace them with replacement seats that bolt right in.  You can purchase replacement seats from the Car Dealer or other automotive accessory store.

The fourth option and the most expensive is to replace your front non racing seats with quality performance racing style front seats.   Racing seats are engineered to conform to your body for those extreme driving conditions while racing.  Racing Seats are usually 6 way adjustable and most have an adjustable lumbar support.  Racing seats can be installed in your Cobalt using universal sliding brackets that bolt to your floor using existing threaded bolt holes.   While your in the process of installing your racing seats you might want to upgrade your safety belts to a 5 point racing harness which will envelop you in straps that will keep you in your seat during roll-overs and accidents.   Installing racing seats in your Cobalt is the ultimate upgrade for your interior and allows for that racing feeling.  

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  • ·      ·      Seat Covers for a Fraction of the Cost
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