US Speedo 120mph Gauge Face Overlay Chevy Cobalt 2005-2010. 

Cobaltmania offers a huge selection after market parts that you can choose from to liven up the interior and exterior of your chevy cobalt.

US Speedo is based in Flint Michigan.  US Speedo has designed their color face overlay to directly replace your boring factory installed instrument face plate.  

Start by replace your drab boring stock instrument face plate with on of the exiting Daytona line Colored Face Overlays from US Speedo.  Choose from a huge selection of colors to enhance your vehicle's exterior paint job or customize your interior color scheme.

Custom cut from a .015" thick slat of a strong, light and pliable polycarbonate to fit your Cobalt without affecting nighttime backlighting.  All face overlay are made from a fade resistant high impact, lightweight and flexible polycarbonate materials

The kit comes with detailed installation instructions and needle removal tool. Some mechanical experience is helpful but not necessary when installing the face overlay. This is a good first project for those just starting the custom modification process.   Find yourself in a jam; you can call US Speedo for free phone-in tech support.

US Speedo offers a selection of overlay colors to match your exterior paint job or your custom interior color scheme.   Color face overlay to choose from are White, Silver, Yellow, Blue, Red, Purple, Pink and Orange.  Their huge selection of colors means you are sure to find a Color Face Overlay to match your paint job or your personal tastes.

You will need to match the overlay mph to your current speedometer mph to ensure you have the right calibration.  For instance if your current speedometer tops out at 120 mph then make sure you order a 120 mph model overlay.  Same goes for 140 mph overlay.

US Speedo gives you a 12 month warranty on all face overlays.

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  • Made from a .015" thick slat of of strong, light and pliable polycarbonate
  • Custom cut to fit like a glove
  • Detailed installation instructions included
  • Comes with a 12 month factory warranty
  • 120mph 8000rpm