2005-2008 Chevy Cobalt 2dr TSC 3 Front Bumper Body Kit 05CHCOB2DBX-001.


Up style your ride with the purchase of a Fiberglass TSC 3 Front Bumper from VIS.


Let's talk a little bit about aerodynamic ground effects for your Chevy Cobalt.  


The installation of ground effects kit or more commonly known as a car kit on your ride serves two purposes.   A kit adds style to your ride and it also attempts to keep your tires on the ground by creating down-force or aerodynamic grip.  


A kit typically consist of front and rear bumper, side skirts and spoilers.  All these items including the bumper can be purchased as single entities, thus allowing you to up performance and style your ride over a period of time if you desire.

Kit bumper are constructed of lightweight material that really does not add that much to your ride's overall weight.  Kit bumper can be constructed from fiberglass.  Fiberglass kit parts are resistant to a certain extent, but is easily repaired by body shops or if you know what you doing the process is easy.  Fiberglass bumper kit parts can be painted to match you car's color scheme.   


Kit bumper parts are manufactured to meet manufacturer specifications; however as with any mass produced item, parts of the kit require a certain amount of fitting the kit bumper part may be necessary in order to attain maximum appearance and functionality of the kit.   


VIS a leader in automotive restyling since 1996 debuted the ultra-aggressive style for sport compact cars in Southern California.  Known from coast to coast and globally VIS provides quality restyling products for many domestic and foreign vehicles.   VIS has partnered with Hollywood on several different projects.  They are the movies; "Fast and Furious", "Torque", and "Herbie, Fully Loaded".  VIS products are also featured in racing themed video games such as "Need for Speed: Underground 2", "Juice" and "Forza Motorsport 1 and 2.  


The VIS TSC 3 Front Bumper for the Chevy Cobalt 05-08 is intended for OFF ROAD us only.  


What are you waiting for start styling your ride with the purchase of a TSC 3 Front Bumper from VIS.